Can I use it on a dirty toilet?

Our product is to keep the toilet clean, and if you use it in a toilet that is already dirty, the effect may be reduced, so make sure to clean the toilet before using it.

How much is deodorization?

Generally, electrolysis water smells like very weak pool disinfection. This smell removes the bad smell. (There may be individual variations on deodorization.)

How long does it stay clean?

Toelect operates 20 minutes of electrolyte generation every 2 hours, and the toilet stays clean for more than 2 to 3 months.

Close the lid of the toilet first and use it.

Please close the lid of the toilet as much as possible. If the toilet cap is large, additional detection may be difficult due to continuous detection of the body detection sensor when left open. In particular, it is necessary to close the toilet lid for hygiene reasons.

How does the human body sensor work?

Depending on the environment, the detection of an object at a distance of about 50 cm will illuminate a small blue LED light and add the addition of the basic sterilization cleaning (every 2 hours) operation. If it doesn’t detect well, move out of the sensor for at least 5 minutes, and then access again. If it still doesn’t work, please reboot.

How many months do I need to replenish the activator?(Supplemented only when the red LED is lit.)

You can replace it every 2 months based on a family of 4 people. However, if you use “Forced Cleaning” frequently, the replenishment cycle may be shortened. After 2 months, touch and hold the external operation button for 5 seconds to start operation with the reset voice. (Please reset the LED red replacement light, then it will turn off.)

What raw material is the activator made of?

For refined salt, we use “domestic Han-ju salt – 99.9 percent purified salt” and edible anhydrous citrate (imported). It’s very salty and sour, so don’t add it to the food.

Can I use the salt on the market?

Common household salt mainly uses “bay salt.” It’s salinity is lower than purified salt, which can lead to poor performance. Also, it contains a variety of ingredients, which can shorten electrode life. We recommend that you use only the activators (refined salt + citric acid) provided by us to achieve maximum performance of the product. This is because refined salt and citric acid were manufactured at our own special mixing rate.

What is the life span of an electric theater?

Toelect operates 20 minutes of electrolyte generation every two hours and allows users to use electrodes up to 120 hours a month, 1,440 hours a year, and 7,200 hours a year. However, it depends on the environment of use, so if you replace the electrodes after two to three years of use, you can maintain the optimal sterilization, cleaning and deodorization effects.(40$)

Can I touch the electrodes in the water directly while operating?

There is no risk of electric shock as electricity is supplied through a safe adapter that has been certified below 12V 2A.

Can I clean and sterilize the electrolyte water?

You can “Forced Cleaning” in addition to the prescribed movements. Touch and hold the external actuation button for more than 2 seconds to inject electrolyte and to activate electrolysis.

Can I use it in a bathroom that uses underground water instead of tap water?

You can use ground water for Toelect unlike other water purifiers. However, more electrolytes should be consumed and it is recommended that tap water be used for optimum cleaning and sterilization.

Is it okay for water to touch the product?

Our products are made of waterproof IPX5 and are safe. It is safe to spray water on the toilet and in the shower to remove dirt. However, please use the product to be careful and do not soak it in water. (Don’t spray it on the wall outlet in the bathroom.)

Can't Toelect be operated by a battery?

An additional option is to lock the external battery, which can be used in a bathroom without a power outlet. However, the battery size is not small, so you have to put it on the toilet tank and use it. You can charge it once a month.